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Fixing catfish default folder (LinuxMint 13 XFCE)

So, you use LinuxMint13 XFCE and you use catfish for searching your files.

And if you do, chances are you already noticed catfish uses a strange default directory for your searches: /usr/share/catfish which will lead to empty search results...

The bug has been reported in Lauchpad, and the fix was released on catfish 0.4.x on August, but it's still present on the repositories used by LM13, so...  can't wait?

Download and install catfish 4.0.2 released on 2012.09.14.  Here's a small how-to:

1. Download the catfish-0.4.2.tar.bz2 from Launchpad or the develper's site.

2. Extract as you normally would and place it somewhere (Desktop or your home folder for instance -- it can be deleted at the end).

3. Open a terminal at inside the new-created folder (just a right-click option away if you use Thunar file manager) and run the commands:

(a)  $ ./configure
(b)  $ make
(c)  $ sudo make install

Obs.1: you might need to copy the make command from /usr/bin/make into the folder in matter.
Obs.2: if you get an error (make: msgfmt command not found: error 127), you should probably install gettext to solve it.

Good.  Now you can use and enjoy the last (fixed) version of catfish, faster, and with a very clean and simplified interface:


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