quarta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2011

Linux + Webcam = Security (+Dropbox = Anywhere), but...

So I've decide to give an usage to an old PC siting at home.

I've followed couple of how-tos on the Internet and installed motion and Dropbox into an Ubuntu installation so that I could see what's going on home while at work (from my laptop) or even when I'm away (via android, of course).

Sadly, as I came to knew 2-3 days later, the last 30GB of available memory from my laptop were gone - I found out because Dropbox warned me it could not sync files anymore due to lack of disk space...

A bit of research and I found out that the one to blame was .dropbox.cache:

So, of course, I've deleted the files inside .dropbox.cache.  But it's been only 2:30h since then and, again, I've only 21,83GB left, meaning .dropbox.cache is actually eating my HD on an average speed of 3.2GB per hour.

I'm not sure if this is a Mac-specific issue, or if it might be somehow aggravated by the constant transfer of small files (pictures) generated by motion, but anyhow it looks like there are a lot of people complaining about.

So I guess I'll have to switch to a backup/remote storage alternative to this setup.

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